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Savior - Flinx by Whimsic-Dreamer Savior - Flinx by Whimsic-Dreamer
I couldn't help it. I have so many things to do and yet here I am... drawing Flinx stuff. :iconotlplz:

This took so long because instead of my usual doodle + color, I decided to make it prettier by making an lineart, color it carefully, and even add background. I have no experience/lessons or anything with these stuff so this was a lot of trial and error. This is especially true with the background. I just sort of randomly did stuff... well, I'm still learning so I'm okay with how this looks... even though there is a lack of rain in the pic, haha :iconjelloplz:

So backstory: Kid Flash was escaping Madam Rouge's evil clutches again and while hiding, he was so tired that he decided to hide away in the alleyway... in the rain. Luckily for him, Jinx was nearby with an umbrella at hand! After this scene happened, the two kicked Madam Rouge's butt and ran off into the sunset! Muahaha! ...and by that, I mean to Kid Flash's apartment where... stuff happened. :iconpervplz:

haha, I don't own Kid Flash or Jinx... or else I would have put a ton of scenes with them together in the series if it had continued! All rights go to DC Comics, Cartoon Network, etc.

If you want drabbles/oneshots/fanfics written about them by me, here's a link to my blog!
ERICA29091999 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013
VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!1
Whimsic-Dreamer Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013
Thank you! :iconblushplz:
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